Empowering and guiding students to a strong, healthier future
by increasing school resources, optimizing health education while utilizing the "learning through movement" philosophy, offering strong mentorships, and increasing access to medical care.

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Nutrabolt is kicking off the giving with $20,000 to each of the six schools that we have adopted.


Connecting volunteers with students to cultivate lasting mentorships and guide them to healthy futures


Increasing access to medical resources and preventative medicine through community partnerships


Educating teachers on how to integrate movement into their traditional classroooms


Education and encouraging students to make healthy decisions while addressing nutritional gaps

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The Story behind Fit360

Evolution of Corporate Giving at Nutrabolt

Since the beginning, Nutrabolt has donated to countless non-profits and charitable causes. From the start of our annual Christmas Drive in 2008, the CEO of Nutrabolt, Doss Cunningham, has ingrained the Grow and Give Back mindset into all of our team members. At the end of 2014, he asked the team to reevaluate our strategy to fund more local programs revolving around children. At the time, the majority of our contributions went towards a partnership with a national non-profit, we also funded nearly any good cause that came our way.

Through 2015, we partnered with various groups across the community from Habitat for Humanity Brazos Valley, Still Creek Ranch, Head Start and March of Dimes because we hadn’t yet found the cause where we could make the greatest impact within our community. In addition, Doss encouraged us to connect with the school system in Bryan. We met with some of the counselors in Bryan ISD and decided to “adopt” Kemp Carver Elementary School. This school was selected by the staff and Nutrabolt because of the significant number of children that were living at or below the poverty rate. In the discussions with the school system and principal, we were told that over 90% of the approximately 900 children lived in poverty.

After continued partnership with Bryan ISD, it was clear that there was a great need in this particular area of our community. We heard countless stories of children in Bryan going hungry on the weekends and students struggling to pay attention in class because they were not receiving the nutrition and medications they needed. Most of these situations were happening less than 15-miles from our office. The team started to brainstorm ideas to scale a program in Bryan to better support the schools. The one major issue that we could not overcome, however, was how the basic nutrition and health needs of children were not being met. How could we encourage a child to play and be active, when they were struggling to eat on the weekends? Thus, Fit360 was born.

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